5 Time-Saving Tasks to Delegate to Your Designer Today

Hopefully my last post got you excited to start delegating and growing your business! The toughest part is deciding what to delegate!

If you’re tired of trying to DIY your graphics…

If your designs aren’t cohesive across all social media, web and print platforms…

If you just don’t have time to make your new course, Facebook ads, social media and branding look pretty & strategic…

Here are 5 time-saving tasks you should be delegating:


Your logo, website and graphics are the face of your business. When people see your designs, do they picture you as a professional that they can trust to provide quality products or services? My sister was recently seeking to purchase a spa gift card for a family member in another town… the only thing she had to compare, besides pricing, were their websites. She went with the one that had the best online presence, trusting that if they cared about providing an easy and beautiful online experience, they would probably also provide a great in-person experience!

Does your website and branding represent the quality of service you provide? If not, it’s time for a redesign. Stop stressing, I can help! Click here for more information!

Social Media Graphics

You know you should be on social media so you can reach a broad audience in the place that they hang out. You know you should have a consistent feed that represents your brand more than your personal life. You know you should use graphics that match your website and logo. But you just don’t have the time, energy or expertise to create them.

Stop stressing and delegate! Whether you create your social content yourself or have a VA pull ideas from your blog/website like I do (P.S. she’s awesome – check out her website here), let us create the graphics that’ll support your brand and messaging! 


Course or Program Graphics

Whether you’re launching a course or group program, you not only need promo graphics (you know — Facebook ads, Twitter posts, Instagram images, website headers), you also need your actual course presentation graphics! You’ve already spent hours creating the content for your program, leave the slides and promos to us. We’ll make sure that your graphics are not only attention-grabbing, but also effective at communicating your messages! Charts, infographics, layouts – these things can make the difference between your clients seeing your message and actually getting your message. Make sure you make an impact so you can get those killers testimonials you’re seeking to make round 2 even more profitable.

Hiring a designer for your course or program graphics can ensure that your designs look professional, are easy to read & understand and will make the client experience the best possible.

Webinar and Presentation Slides

Giving a webinar? Speaking at an event? Experts agree that you should have at least one slide per minute so your audience stays focused and engaged! So if you’re giving an hour-long presentation or webinar, you need at least 60 slides to present! Whoa, how are you ever going to find time to make all of those, on top of preparing your speech? Hiring a designer will not only save you a ton of time, but you’ll also look professional, to ensure people take you serious and buy your product/service at the end!

Info & Welcome Packets

The on-boarding process can be so overwhelming for your clients, plus it can be so draining for you to relay the same information to each and every one of them individually. Make it easy on them, and save the stress yourself, by providing beautiful, easy to digest info & welcome packets that give them all of your FAQ’s, timelines, payment schedules and process details in one pretty package!

Ready to save time & energy by delegating your designs?

We’d love to join your “team” ­to help you create a profitable business. Save your time and genius for the things you do best, and leave the designing to us. Sound like something you need? Let's chat!

Have an ongoing need for graphics? Let's talk retainer!

If you have an ongoing need for graphics, we’d love to work with you on a retainer basis! You’ll receive a discounted hourly rate and can carry over some hours if you don’t use all of them for a certain month. Let's create a plan that works for you!