Case Study: Powerful Brand Palettes

What's in a color? Ummm… a lot! Besides the general psychology behind various colors —yellow & red make you hungry, purple means royalty, green means money or earth — your colors can direct how people think and feel about your brand!

My favorite thing in branding is to make sure that everything is cohesive! Your brand is a compilation of everything together – colors, messaging, logo, website, values, and so much more! With my clients, I strategically choose colors that represent the messaging and values they want to be known for. And yes, I make them look pretty while I’m at it (because there’s nothing worse than clashing colors)!

Let’s take a look at several palettes and what their colors say about their brands:

Please note, these are not Legacy Loft-designed brands, just ones with pretty palettes!


Reina & Co

Reina’s “sunshine” colors are bright, but aren’t completely saturated so they don’t hurt your eyes! Her palette is classy while still upbeat and energetic – definitely letting Reina’s personality shine through. This is a great example of an analogous color scheme.


The Freelance to Freedom Project

The Freelance to Freedom project colors definitely give a sense of authority and make me want to learn. The less saturated colors feel professional and state that you can take her work serious.


Heather Crabtree

While I haven’t met Heather in person yet (Savvy Experience, here I come!!!), I’ve seen enough of her webinars to know she has an infectious energy to her that is just so up-lifting. Her colors reflect that perfectly with the combination of hot pink, peach and blue.


Life Created

This swoon-worthy palette is so well executed across her website and throughout her brand elements. The pale green and peach, with a hunter green accent, make for a tranquil palette that feels cozy and relaxing.


Kristin Kaplan

This is another great example of an analogous color scheme! The various shades of greens, teals & blue are super inviting and flow great together! (I also just have an obsession with anything teal).



THINX took an otherwise “taboo” topic and make it publicly acceptable through the colors they chose. The dark red keeps the colors on topic, without being a direct reference to blood, which could’ve been a turnoff. The combination of other natural, desaturated tones helps ease your mind about purchasing something so unique.


Heart Love Always

This palette is soft and welcoming. The colors are upbeat and cheerful, while still holding sophistication since they’re not overly saturated. I love the use of gray instead of black, which would’ve been too harsh against the beautiful pink, aqua and golden yellow.


Nora Conrad

Nora’s site uses less saturated colors that flow well to create a sense of wisdom. Using earthier tones, her colors elude to an organic authenticity. The darker shades help you take her content serious and lend to sophistication.

Hopefully my observations align with their brand values and what they are hoping their clients will feel when working with them. It’s always a good practice to work with a professional or at least get their feedback to ensure your colors are aligned with your brand correctly.

If you need help with your colors, I’d love to work with you on strategizing a palette that works for you! Just shoot me an email