Let's nail down your target market, your core values & your unique selling point to ensure a lasting & effective brand.

Love your logo but need some web, social media, or graphic updates? Tired of your brand, but not ready for a full overhaul?
Your business has grown or shifted and needs branding that’s authentic to you and connects with your ideal clients.
Lauren Black Strategic Brand Designer
Photo by Ingrid Carney of Molliner Photography
This is why I love what I do:

"I was incredibly frustrated trying to define the my brand, visually. Once I realized that I would continue to send mixed messaging to my audience until I hired a professional, I created a list of criteria to choose a designer: highly imaginative and creative, an analytical thinker who is clear and organized, a mind reader who could translate my thoughts into designs, and a concise, effective communicator who wouldn’t waste my time or money. I didn’t think this person really existed, but then I met Lauren at Legacy Loft. If those are the qualities you’re seeking in a designer who will truly partner with you, then Lauren will be a dream come true for you. Lauren, I can't thank you enough!"

Christie Bilbrey, Marketing & Story Coach