Virtual Assistant Rockstar Needed!

Legacy Loft is rebranding! I’m restructuring my two businesses (Bosscation and Legacy Loft) into one. I’m looking for a rockstar VA to work with me on various internal and client projects. The position will grow and take on more hours/responsibilities as my business grows.

Who I’m looking for:

I care more about your character and work ethic than your background and experience. I hire self-driven individuals who are eager to learn and conquer any task thrown their way. I’m looking for an over-achiever who will go above and beyond to do their best. I’m seeking someone who doesn’t need a lot of hand-holding or hard deadlines to get things done.

But I’m not just looking for someone to hire…

  • I’m looking for a business bestie that I can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate (or glass of wine) with — virtually or in person.

  • I’m looking for a sounding board that I can run my ideas by and get honest feedback.

  • I’m looking for an innovator that seeks out better ways to accomplish tasks.

  • I’m looking for a second set of hands and eyes on my work to pick up the slack when I’m too busy.

Position Details

Your weekly tasks and total number of hours will vary depending on my current needs, but could include:

  • Setting up Squarespace* websites based on my wireframes and provided content

  • Uploading documents & graphics to Squarespace sites

  • Scheduling & writing captions for social media posts

  • Taking care of tasks within Dubsado*

  • Creating website redirects

  • Setting up Acuity Scheduling, ConvertKit, Mailchimp or other software accounts

  • Inputting SEO keywords within Squarespace

  • Pinterest management & posting

  • Document social media & website stats

*Knowing Squarespace and/or Dubsado is NOT required in order to be hired. However, I'd love to know your current skill level in these programs. If you have no experience, I'll just need you to watch some tutorials on Squarespace and Dubsado before starting with me (but you're an over-achiever, so that won't be a problem, right?)


  • Great with grammar & catching errors

  • Not afraid to speak up when you see room for improvement somewhere

  • Willing to learn new skills to accomplish tasks better

  • Able to work with minimal instruction

  • Super organized

  • Works with honesty & integrity

  • Desire to grow with the company

  • Great communicator

  • Does what you promise

  • Takes responsibility rather than making excuses

  • Easygoing and flexible

  • Shows up to meetings/calls prepared and on time

Think you'd be a good fit? Apply for an interview below or read on to learn more about me and the application process!

I want YOU to want to work with me as much as I want to work with you! Therefore, you should get to know me a little!

About Me:

  • I am a Christ follower and prioritize God above all other things. I’ll be praying for the right assistant to land the position

  • I’m the middle of 5 kids so I was picked on from both sides growing up, but my siblings are now my best friends!

  • I live in sunny Palm City, Florida (on the east coast near West Palm Beach)

  • I have a 7-month-old baby boy, Carson… and my main job is to be the best mama I can be!

  • My current “office hours” are Tuesdays/Thursdays 3-6pm and Tu/Th naptimes + random other naptimes, nights and weekends as needed (These days are subject to change… I might be switching to M/W instead)

  • I love to travel and typically take off work a few weeks a year to do so

  • My first job out of college was as a CEO’s assistant (basically, just like the Devil Wears Prada), which has taught me to hold super high expectations for myself and others

  • I’m 54% left-brained analytical and 46% right-brained creative — so pretty much an even split

  • I’m obsessed with Chick-fil-A and eat there at least once a week

  • I love the outdoors, especially being out on the water (river, ocean, lake, creek — any body of water will do)

  • I’m really turned off by cursing, especially the F* bomb… so if you drop a lot of those, we’re probably not a good match

  • I love the taste of coffee, but get massive headaches from caffeine, so I’ve been caffeine-free since 2010

  • I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Florida (Go Gators)

About my Business:

  • 2011 — started designing custom wedding invitations with my mom. I designed & printed them, my mom added handmade embellishments

  • 2014 — incorporated Legacy Loft since I was bringing in a decent amount of work as my business design clientele grew

  • December 2015 — Left my day job at ION Television to take Legacy Loft full-time

  • February 2017 — Was burning out from the design work, so I stopped marketing LL and starting working on Bosscation

  • November 2017 — Launched Bosscation

  • June 2018 — Gave birth to my son, Carson and took a long maternity leave

  • Currently: Wanting to not have to market two businesses, and since my Bosscation clients are asking for 1:1 and group strategy (which means they’re no longer on a “Boss-CATION”), I’ve decided to merge the two businesses under Legacy Loft — I’ll be focusing on building a strategic brand from the foundation (my Bosscation guides) to the design

Application Process

I want to make sure I find the right fit for Legacy Loft — someone who can grow with my team as my business grows. This means that my process is a bit lengthy, but it’ll be oh-so-worth it when we find each other and truly connect!


Complete Application

The application is long, so carve out some time to complete it on the computer. I ask for three references at the end, so be prepared to provide their contact information.

Due February 15th


Submit Video

Applicants that seem like a good fit will then be asked to record a 2-3 minute video on a specific topic. This will help me get to know you even better.

Due February 22



After submitting the video, applicants will then schedule a phone or video call with me so I can answer any final questions and be sure we mesh well together!

Week of February 25th