Brand Refresh

Keep your core. REfresh the rest.

Are you tired of your branding? Perhaps you hired someone to design your logo, but DIYed the rest of your graphics and are ready for a professional look. If you're still serving the same audience with your same core values & messaging, but crave updated graphics, a brand refresh may be just the thing you need. We'll keep what's working, update what's not, and add what's missing so you'll have a cohesive look across your entire brand.

Choose only the elements you need

Love your logo but crave new Instagram templates? We can do that!

Have a great website but outdated web banners? Let's make new ones!

Lack branded templates for your opt-ins & presentations? We'll create some!

Struggle with finding fonts you love? Leave that to the professional!


Not sure what you need refreshed? Let's start with a brand audit so you'll have a professional set of eyes on your brand to ensure your designs align with your personality, your ideal clients & your core values.


Fall back in love with your brand with updated graphics and professional designs to keep your brand consistent and recognizable! Choose only the elements you need. All packages come with:

  • 15-minute discovery call

  • Short questionnaire (to be completed by you)

  • 15-minute follow-up call

  • Brand board with updated font & color suggestions

Then choose between:
  • Social Media Cover Images: Custom cover image (Choose from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube)

  • Web Banner: Custom web header banner

  • Pinterest/Blog Graphics: 3 blog post templates* optimized for Pinterest

  • Social Media Post Templates: 3 matching square & horizontal social media templates*

  • Stationery Set: Business card design (double sided) & letterhead

  • PDF Template: Cover page, divider layout & 2 content page layout templates*

  • Presentation Template: Cover page, divider layout & 2 content page layout templates*

*Templates can be created in Canva, Desygner, PowerPoint or Photoshop (pick one) so you can edit & save the graphics yourself
Please note: Pricing may vary depending on the complexity of the request

Choose 1: $350 | Choose 2: $600 | Choose 3: $750 | Choose 4: $900 | Choose 5: $1000

Let's Start Your Brand Legacy