Intentional Branding & Web Design


I hear it all too often... you have big plans for your business but your branding is holding you back from the explosive growth you crave. Your DIY or amateur branding got you started, but with recent growth and shifts, you need to connect with your clients — and the right clients — at a deeper level. Hun, it's time for a rebrand. Show off your authority status with professional branding that will take your business to the next level.


Between content creation and client care, you don't have the time or energy to design your own branding. You need a professional to create a cohesive look & feel across your entire brand.

Using a proven personality assessment, client & competition stalking research, and an in-depth questionnaire, you'll no longer have to stress about what colors or style fits your business — leave that to me! I'll pull from our findings to create a style that matches your personality so you can connect with your ideal clients in an authentic and powerful way.

Ready to take your brand to the next level?


Forget the cookie-cutter brand that blends in with your competitors. It's time for a unique brand that sets you apart from your competition and reflects your personality. Show the world that you mean business with a professional luxe brand style, logo and supporting graphics.

We don't just slap together some pretty elements based on your current mood, we strategize with you to ensure your brand foundation is solidified before designing so you'll reach the right audience with your branding.


  • Brand strategy workbook & personality quiz*

  • Three 30-minute brand strategy calls*

  • Mood board

  • Logo & alternative formats

  • Style guide with fonts, colors & logo specs

  • Choice of two supporting graphics (Choice of stationery, collateral, social media graphics, etc)
*Have you already worked with an awesome brand strategist? Let us know so we can provide a custom quote that excludes brand strategy.

  • Brand strategy, styling, custom graphics and text-only logo: $2000+

  • Brand strategy, styling, custom graphics and logo with initials-only mark: $2400+

  • Brand strategy, styling, custom graphics and logo with mark: $3000+

  • Brand strategy, styling, custom graphics and logo with custom-made font: $3400+

  • Contact for custom quote

The Creative Process



Our brand designs aren’t just beautiful, they’re thoroughly researched & created with intention! You’ll complete an in-depth questionnaire, which we’ll use to ensure your brand will attract your ideal clients & best represent your business. We want your clients to see your brand & say, “this is so me!”


You’ll create a Pinterest board so we can see your favorite design styles. We’ll take notes from your inspiration board, questionnaire, and market research to create a mood board. This sets the tone for the rest of your branding with a look & feel as well as color options.


With your brand foundation in place, we’ll create at least three logo options for you to choose from. After tweaking your final logo to perfection, we’ll also version out some secondary marks – perhaps a circular version, watermark, or tagline option.


After finalizing a logo, we’ll create your supportive graphics: banners, social graphics, & collateral designs. This ensures that your brand will be consistent and recognizable across all platforms. We want your ideal clients to recognize you by just seeing your graphics!


To set you up for success, and to ensure your brand stays cohesive moving forward, we’ll create a style guide. This compiles your logo, font stylings, color values and look & feel. This way, your vendors and team will know how to keep your brand consistent!
WEEKS 8-12*


*For premium brand package only.
You want a website that supports your new brand! We’ll do more research and questionnaires to ensure your website is as intentionally-designed as your graphics. Whether you choose Squarespace or Wordpress, we’ll ensure an awesome site to reach your clients.

We only want the best for our clients

Branding is a big investment and you want to make sure that you're getting something professional and personalized, not something you could make yourself or hire on Fiverr. This means you need a designer with experience, who won't just take on any client because they're willing to pay, and who digs deep into your core to ensure your branding is authentic & intentionally designed for you! 

We work best with entrepreneurs who...

  • Are experienced online entrepreneurs
  • Sell service-based products to other business owners
  • Are go-getters ready for a professional presence
  • Seek an entire brand, not just a logo & colors

We might not be a good fit if you...

  • Are new to the business world
  • Sell products and/or services to consumers
  • Aren't ready to choose a specific niche
  • Are looking for just a logo, not a whole brand suite

These are more guidelines than restrictions and we do make exceptions from time to time. We'd love to chat by phone or Skype first to ensure you'll find the best designer for your needs (hopefully that's us, but we'll let you know if it's not).

Photo by Ingrid Carney of Molliner Photography

Hey there, I'm Lauren — your partner in design for creating a distinguished brand.

I help powerhouse professionals gain influence and authority with brand design that's set to impress.

I'm a creative rule-breaker who would rather carve my own path than blend in with the crowd. If I hadn't majored in Graphic Design, I probably would've pursued Psychology. I'm obsessed with human behavior & research, and use that to dig in to the core of my clients' market, competition and personality before doing any creative work on their branding. This makes for a happy me, because I geek out over those "ah-ha" moments; and it makes for happy clients, who say things like: "So crazy, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted and then after a little while of looking through the mood boards, I'm drawn to the one I least expected but realize it represents me the best. I never would've thought of that. You're really great at what you do!"

I'm also the co-founder of the Elevate & Cultivate Design Collaborative, a platform for design professionals to strengthen their skills, receive feedback on their work, and develop friendships stronger than Gotham Ultra.

When not thinking up a million new business ideas or creating beautiful branding, I love traveling with my husband — especially to the mountains to escape the Florida heat!

I love meeting other business owners so feel free to reach out for a virtual coffee chat (or tea, for me)!