Introducing Our All-New Design Community!

“Was it worth it?” I heard that question from multiple family members upon returning from the Savvy Experience conference. The answer was YES!!!

Big. Fat. Yes!

I learned a ton from all of the 16 speakers, and pretty much want to revamp every aspect of my business now! (Big changes to come, but I won’t get into those now).

Besides the speakers, one of my biggest takeaways is the importance of community! This conference was born out of a Facebook group – the Savvy Business Owners. It’s a community of small business owners from all over the globe who have created a wonderful little family! It sounds silly to an outsider… you’re attending a Facebook group conference? Yep!

While I had Skyped with many of the attendees prior to the conference, you connect so much better when lounging in PJ’s, piling 10 girls into one hotel room, sharing your hearts.

Photos by ten 22 studio.

I also met my new business bestie in person for the first time (and we were pretty inseparable) – Illiah Manger of C&V. Her business had been in my Evernote under “competition” for months before she reached out to connect with me. On our first Skype session, Illiah and I decided to start a new business together. Sounds crazy, right? (maybe it is crazy – guess we’ll see)!

Illiah and I had an instant connection and one major thing in common: a heart for helping graphic designers grow their businesses and strengthen their skills. She was longing to help novice and self-taught designers learn the ins and outs of technical things. I was looking to create a space for designers to receive support and feedback from other designers, rather than randomly posting to Facebook groups hoping to receive art direction that is actually helpful.

While technically each other’s competition, Illiah and I have embraced collaboration. There’s something powerful about combining forces, finding accountability, and connecting with others who “get it.”

With that said, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new community: Elevate & Cultivate Design Collaborative! A community for design professionals to strengthen their skills, receive feedback on their work and develop friendships stronger than Gotham Ultra!

Phase one is the Facebook community. It’s a collaborative space to set aside our “competition” mindset and focus on learning, growing, lending feedback & support, and to talk nerdy design talk (since our spouses don’t always understand)! Join it here!

Phase two is in the works and will include tools & resources for you to elevate your design and guest experts for you to cultivate your business!

Be watching for a big giveaway next week, and we’d love for you to spread the news to your design friends! Follow us on Instagram for future updates!

And for juicier details on the Savvy Experience and all that I learned, come back next Tuesday for another inside look!

You can also find everyone’s best takeaways in the Think Creative Collective’s blog post here.

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