Finding Your Ideal Clients Through Personality Profiling

If I had to choose one other career path besides design, I would’ve loved to get into Psychology! It’s fascinating how the human mind and personalities work! I’ve been digging into personalities lately and how they affect or shape your brand style, colors and now ideal clients!

In case you’ve missed the last few posts or my personality quiz, you can check them out by clicking the images below!

The quiz has been a huge hit and provides way more insight than just what your colors should be – including helping you determine who your ideal clients are! But don’t get too excited, this technique still requires a lot of research and input on your part... but doesn’t everything worth doing?

So here’s how it works… first you need to know which of the four personality types YOU are! (For those who have no idea what I’m referring to, make sure to take the quiz and download the free guide below so you can follow along.) The guide will give some insight into which personality types you’ll work best with.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Lauren, it’s great to know what personality types I should be targeting, but how can I tell what personality types people are?

This is the fun part! You’ll need to start evaluating your audience! Since it’s a smart idea to stalk – err, research ­– who your ideal clients are anyway, might as well try to pinpoint their personality profile while you’re at it.

To make things easier, let’s split you into Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C). And from personal experience I can say that this process is much easier for Business-to-Business clients – sorry B2C, it is what It is!

Here are the steps to take:

1. Research

B2C: Search Social Media Profiles

Ok, this kind of assumes that your ideal clients are somewhere on social media… assuming they are, save the links to profiles of your favorite past clients, and create another column for your not-so-favorite clients! Do the same for profiles of people you think you’d want to work with and also those you definitely wouldn’t want as clients!

B2B: Search Websites

Research and document websites of businesses you’d want to work with as well as those who you wouldn’t ­– create a column for each. Look at who you’ve enjoyed working with in the past, as well as those you’d rather pass on.


2. What colors do they use?

Look through your research from above and see what colors your ideal and not-so-deal clients use. B2B – these will be their brand colors; B2C – these are the colors of clothes they wear, the tones they use on Instagram, their Twitter profile color, etc (told you this involved stalking)! Match up these color palettes from those in my guide.

3. What is their “voice”?

People love sharing what’s on their heart and minds: inspirational quotes, their passions, opinions, successes and defeats. It doesn’t matter if they’re B2B or B2C – look at what type of content they share. Are they constantly complimenting others and sharing uplifting encouragement? Sounds a little like a Bright & Bubbly Babe. Are they a bold, self-confident, give-it-to-you-straight kinda gal? Probably a Strong & Driven Diva! Are they factual, sharing more hard evidence than silly quotes? Maybe they’re a Warm & Intense Go-Getter! Do they not share much of anything? That sounds like a Cool & Sophisticated Professional… j/k we only post things that won’t offend anyone and that are friendly & encouraging!

4. What type of work do they do, and what is their role?

The type of work and position they’re in can definitely play into which personality profile represents them. Warm & Intense Go-Getters are often those with very precise, detail-oriented jobs like finance, law, and copywriting. Strong & Driven Divas tend to hold leadership positions, so they may be the boss, manager, or strategist. Bright & Bubbly Babes are social butterflies, so you’ll usually find them in places with lots of human interaction, perhaps in sales, marketing or mentorship. And last but not least, the Cool & Sophisticated Professionals, who may be more behind-the-scenes like teachers, life & health coaches, and event planners.

Hopefully by now you’ll start noticing a trend among your ideal clients and will have a pretty good idea of which personality types match your A-list and your B-list. Then refer back to my guide (it’s just so handy, isn’t it), and look at the list of ways you can work best with said personality types!

Do they thrive off of friendships? Be ultra friendly! Do they need hard facts and details? Lay everything out for them! Do they appreciate follow-through? Make sure to deliver on your promises, on time! Do they like the limelight? Give them some authority over the project!

Now you can be an entrepreneur extraordinaire and rock the socks off your clients’ by suiting your services to their very needs! They’ll feel that you get them and connect so well – turning them into loyal, raving fans!

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