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Powerhouse Professional (pou·er·hous pruh·fesh·uh·nl) n.

A passionate entrepreneur or business owner who is determined to succeed and desires to run an impactful business (or two... or three), challenge the status quo and live life to the fullest.

Does that sound like you? Great, it's me too!

Since you're a powerhouse, you know how much noise and competition is out there — especially from the wannabes who offer your "same" services for pennies. But you also know that you're awesome at what you do and have the experience and expertise to truly impact your clients' lives & businesses. 

If you're going to be seen as the powerhouse that you are, and succeed in the entrepreneural world, you need to look the part. Throw out your cookie cutter web template, Etsy-bought flatlays and generic logo — you know, the things that look like everyone else. It's time to stand out with professional branding that shows your authority status.

It's Time to Start Your Brand Legacy!


No-fluff feedback & discovery for what your brand needs to reach your target clients & build a powerful brand presence.

Love your logo but need some web, social media, or graphic updates? Tired of your brand, but not ready for a full overhaul?
Your business has grown or shifted and needs branding that’s authentic to you and connects with your ideal clients.
Photo by Ingrid Carney of Molliner Photography

Hey there, I'm Lauren — your partner in design for creating a distinguished brand.

I help powerhouse professionals gain influence and authority with brand design that's set to impress.

I'm a creative rule-breaker who would rather carve my own path than blend in with the crowd. If I hadn't majored in Graphic Design, I probably would've pursued Psychology. I'm obsessed with human behavior & research, and use that to dig in to the core of my clients' market, competition and personality before doing any creative work on their branding. This makes for a happy me, because I geek out over those "ah-ha" moments; and it makes for happy clients, who say things like: "So crazy, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted and then after a little while of looking through the mood boards, I'm drawn to the one I least expected but realize it represents me the best. I never would've thought of that. You're really great at what you do!"

I'm also the co-founder of the Elevate & Cultivate Design Collaborative, a platform for design professionals to strengthen their skills, receive feedback on their work, and develop friendships stronger than Gotham Ultra.

When not thinking up a million new business ideas or creating beautiful branding, I love traveling with my husband — especially to the mountains to escape the Florida heat!

I love meeting other business owners so feel free to reach out for a virtual coffee chat (or tea, for me)!

My pride turned to shame as my design professor criticized my website & portfolio in front of our entire graduating class. My brand was apparently "too sorority."

Embarrassed and ashamed, I quickly changed my branding from "Lauren Ashley Design" to "Rendition Graphics" and swapped pink for black and dainty fonts for bold. For years I fought against my natural design style because of those two words.

When I started Legacy Loft, whose main service was wedding invitations, I dreaded posting my work online in fear of judgement from that same teacher. I pulled inspiration from random popular sources, which caused my brand to be cluttered, inconsistent and just not me.

Four years later, I knew I needed a more professional and personalized brand as I launched my business full time. As I rebranded Legacy Loft, I dug into the core of who I was and what I wanted my brand to exemplify. I studied my personality and how I connect with clients. I built a brand foundation that represented my values, then translated that into visuals that were so me!  I finally stopped caring what my old teacher thought and created a brand I was confident in and proud of.

I've heard so many similar stories from entrepreneurs like you. Rather than confidently expressing who you are with a brand that's tailored to you, you get distracted by other design styles or conform to the expectations of some outsider. Or perhaps you just couldn't afford to have a designer create your entire brand, leaving you with piecemeal brand elements that lacked cohesion. Take it from me, your brand (and livelihood) will be much better off when it's intentionally planned and packed with personality — your personality!